Eleni’s “Super” Sweet 16 w/ DJ Taso – Crystal Plaza – 5.11.18
May 29, 2018

Greek American weddings are well known for their lively celebrations, delicious food, and vibrant music. One of the most important aspects of a Greek wedding is the music, and a Greek American DJ such as Taso can make all the difference. In fact, in this niche category of DJ’s, Taso has become one of the most sought after Greek Wedding Dj’s not just in NJ/NYC/Philly, but throughout the country, and has helped couples in over 15 states have incredible celebrations, including popular areas such as Florida, Texas, Chicago, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Connecticut to name just a few!

First and foremost, aside from specializing in Weddings as whole, the best Greek Wedding DJ’s such as Taso, are often highly skilled full time Professional Wedding DJ’s who also have a deep understanding of Greek music and culture. One of the most important aspects of Greek wedding music is the concept of “kefi,” which can be translated as “spirit” or “passion.” Kefi is all about creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration, and it’s something that DJ Taso knows how to do better than anyone else. Taso will keep the party going nonstop, seamlessly blending cultures, genres, songs, and traditions in a way that flows and represents the couples desired vision and balance, as well as keeps guests engaged and excited all night long!

The most common traditional dance style at a Greek Wedding is called a “kalamatiano”. Typically, a Greek American Wedding will open the dancefloor up with a kalamatiano titled “Orea Pou Einai I Nifi Mas”. From there a medley of other popular kalamatiana songs are incorporated so that all the guests can join the line and enjoy themselves on the dancefloor with the couple! What sets a skilled Greek American DJ like Taso apart from others is his ability to create a lively medley of kalamatiana favorites that are mixed seamlessly and on step so that the line continues to grow as opposed to being cut short due to an improper mix or poor song choice that creates confusion on the dancefloor. In some cases, a traditional Kalamatiano can go on for 20+ minutes (up to the couple of course), so having a great DJ who knows how to properly mix this traditional style is crucial!

Another important aspect of Greek wedding music is the tradition of “zeimbekiko” (or “zebekiko”), a slow, improvisational dance that is usually shared by the bride and groom, as well as family and friends. The zeimbekiko is a deeply emotional and personal dance, and it’s something that the DJ needs to handle with care. A great Greek Wedding DJ will know how to choose the right music for the zeimbekiko and create a moment that the couple will never forget. Whether you seek to incorporate a small touch of zeimbekika at your wedding, or 30 minutes of Non Stop Zeimbekika, Taso has the knowledge to ensure the best songs are chosen for that crowd and mixed seamlessly to keep the moment going as long as needed! Aside from the zeimbekiko, there are other traditional dances from different parts of Greece that require in depth knowledge to incorporate properly! From the age of 9, Taso participated in Greek Dancing classes and competitions, so couples can rest assured that he is knowledgable in a variety of different traditional dances from various parts of Greece.

Of course, the very best Greek Wedding DJs don’t just play traditional Greek music. Greek Pop/Club music is often as equally important as traditional songs. Taso stays up to date on his library of Greek Music to ensure a high energy atmosphere for the couples seeking that vibe or looking to sing along to their favorite songs from their travels to Greece in the summer!

More importantly, the most sought after Greek American DJ’s not only know the best Greek Music, they must also know how to mix in popular American dance music from a variety of genres, from pop and hip hop to salsa and reggaeton, or EDM and Throwbacks… as well as possibly need to incorporate other cultures into the mix if necessary! As a Professional Wedding DJ of nearly 20 years, DJ Taso is able to adapt to the unique tastes and preferences of each individual couple and the guests that are part of the celebration! He also knows the right questions to ask so that the appropriate balance of cultures is created at your wedding. One of the most repeated compliments Taso receives is how he mixed the music between genres and cultures so seamlessly, guests never wanted to leave the dancefloor!

Finally, it’s worth noting that a Greek Wedding DJ like Taso is not just a DJ that only plays music – he is also an important part of the entire wedding planning process. Taso works closely with the couple to understand their musical preferences, the balance of styles and cultures, the formalities and traditions being incorporated throughout the night, pronunciation of names, as well as numerous other details, to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding. And for those seeking something extra special for their Wedding, Taso is one of the few Greek Wedding DJ’s in the NJ/Philly/NYC markets that offers a full portfolio of over 15 different enhancements ranging from different layers of lighting, to special effects like sparkler fountains, DJ furniture, as well as photo booth options, after party systems, and more!

In conclusion, a Greek Wedding DJ is an essential part of any Greek Wedding celebration. They are highly skilled professionals who know how to create an atmosphere of joy and celebration, and they play an important role in ensuring that the wedding is a success. If you are planning a Greek wedding, especially in New Jersey, Philly, New York, or anywhere else, be sure to reach out to DJ Taso to ensure the best experience for you and your guests!

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