A Sweet 16 w/ Taso as your DJ and MC is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! A true master of his craft, his passion in creating unbelievable atmospheres and celebrations is evident with every Sweet 16 he is a part of. His non obtrusive, high energy, and career built upon Sweet 16's has allowed Taso to become one of the most in demand NJ Sweet Sixteen DJ's, and has allowed him to travel the country and create unbelievable Sweet 16 experiences. While other DJ companies tend to bring all the attention on them, Taso makes sure it’s on YOU and your guests! No cheesy techniques, line dances, or boring songs here... Real mixing, real energy... and all personalized to his clients needs! Taso also offers the latest lighting technology, Sparkler Effects, Co2 Blast Guns, Photo Booths, and more to create the atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of at your Sweet Sixteen!

One of Taso’s distinct qualities that separate him from your typical “DJ/MC”is his passion and dedication to making events as personal and unique as possible. It allows him to seek ways to take even the most “ordinary” of moments and make them truly unique and personalized to his clients overall style, vision, and taste. This can be achieved either through sound, lighting, effects, and more. His background in the night life industry allows for impressive mixing abilities, making sure the mixes are quick and focusing on the best parts of the songs. Ordinary doesn’t cut it for Taso and his clients, and through the years he’s built a discerning Sweet 16 clientele that wants nothing but the best in high quality, entertainment and customer service (and rightfully so). Over 90% of Taso’s clientele is word of mouth or repeat clients as his consistency in delivering exceptional results is proven time and time again, allowing him to be considered one of the best NJ Sweet 16 DJ's.



  • He makes sure everything will be perfect and that you enjoy one of the best nights of your life! I don't think my Sweet 16 would have been nearly as great as it was if it wasn't for him. The energy that he brought to the party was unbelievable.

    – Niki

  • Taso creates perfection! I wanted every single thing to be perfect at my Sweet 16 and Taso went above and beyond to make my vision a reality. He puts his heart and soul into making sure his clients have a night to remember.

    – Kassandra



Taso utilizes the highest quality Intelligent Lighting Systems and Effects options, as he wants to provide his discerning couple’s nothing but the BEST for their Wedding! Intelligent Lighting is the most effective way of creating the perfect atmosphere and lighting landscape on your dance floor, as well as contributing to the transformation of your venue and it’s ambience! This is accomplished by using different colors, patterns, designs, and movements for the dance floor lighting, plus proper placement of the wireless up-lights to wash your room with your color of choice. This combination of lighting and design will help create the perfect lighting landscape for your special day. Our lighting design will also make your photos and videos look beautiful and stand out with that pop of color.

We also offer a wide range of effect options such as CO2 Guns, Dancing on the Clouds or under the Snow, and our latest option, Sparkler Fountains. These effects can help take the dancefloor to a whole other level of excitement and energy, or make a special formality even more special with unique touches like dancing on the clouds or sparkler fountains.

All of these elements help bring our clients visions and themes to life, as well as enhance the architectural layout of the venue to provide an unforgettable experience and atmosphere for you and your guests. If you’re looking for something EXTRAORDINARY to add to your celebration and reception room, your investment in lighting and various effects Taso's offers will prove to be most beneficial.


  • DJ Taso was amazing at my sweet 16! No one left the dance floor because the music was perfect!

    - Cassie

  • DJ Taso made my night unforgettable. Without him my party would've been a bust.

    - Gina


DJ Taso has a multitude of services and enhancements available to fully customize and get the most out of your Sweet 16 experience, and therefore your investment in DJ Taso can vary based on the combination of options you are looking to have. Taso is very proud of the service he provides and has always believed that his events and clients deserve the best, and his services are priced as such. We understand that some of the terminology used for our options may be similar to what other companies use, and that their prices can vary greatly. We hope that after more research you’ll recognize the high level of quality/ professionalism, and attention to detail that Taso provides for his DJ services and enhancements, as well as the exceptional value that he will bring to your celebration!


While the starting price for Taso is $2950 for a Sound only option, most clients find themselves investing between $4500-$5500 on DJ Taso's Services once factoring in lighting, effects, photography and other various enhancements.
We now offer an incredible "Luxe Experience" package which consists of all of our most popular Sweet 16 options at a heavily reduced package price! This package is always changing based on the trends for Sweet 16's so if you want an incredible experience for you and your guests, be sure to consider this option!

To get a full pricing catalog with all packages and services offered, please fill out our contact form and DJ Taso will provide it, along with all information requested, via email within 24 hours. Sometimes a phone call may be necessary if more information is needed before being able to send pricing (mostly for events requiring travel or if clarification is needed).

Pricing Details
1. Event Minimums requiring a certain amount in add-ons may apply for certain dates. More info will be provided upon inquiring specific to your date.
2. Travel fees or package minimums may apply for out of state events (we are based in NJ) and will vary based on location of event and enhancement options desired.
3. Now Booking 2024 and 2025.


    Upon submitting a contact form, and your date is available, DJ Taso will reply via email providing all pricing & general info regarding his services. If you like what you see, a Skype, Facetime, or Phone Meeting can be arranged afterwards to discuss your event in more detail!
    Location: Based in Northern NJ, but we travel everywhere!
    Email: djtaso@me.com